Meal Card

Meal Card

Meal Card

Now enjoying your favorite food at the company cafeteria and food courts are just a swipe away while you save on tax.

  • Hassle free, cashless and faster transactions
  • Transactions done on the card can be recorded 
  • Can be used at various campuses of the company across the country 
  • Special offers and value deals also available at select outlets 
  • Meal card is a tangible HR benefit

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What is a Meal Card? 
Meal Card is a prepaid instrument authorised by the Reserve Bank of India. This unique smart card is embedded with chip and loaded with rupee value and issued by your organisation to purchase ready to eat food and non - alcoholic beverages from your in-house canteen/ food courts. The card memory stores information like your card number, transactions, etc

How and where can I use my Meal Card? 
Meal Card can be used in your in-house canteen/ food court for purchase for ready to eat food and non – alcoholic beverages. The card needs to be swiped in ‘Point of Sale (POS) machine installed at the canteen/ food courts for making a purchase and recording all your transactions.

What are the benefits of a Meal Card?  
Meal Pass not only provides you with choice and flexibility in your meals but with uniform meal benefits too across all your offices.  The transactions are much faster and save on time. 
Meals upto Rs 50 per meal is also a tax free perquisite for you.  
What are the other benefits that we can expect? 
Attractive discounts and value deals are extended to you periodically.       
Do I get a receipt for each transaction? 
Yes, a receipt can be obtained for each transaction from the POS.

Can I view my previous transaction/s? 
Yes, you can check the current balance available on your Meal Card along with the last five transactions done on your card in the POS.

What if there is a problem with the POS, or incase of a power failure? 
The POS is an offline system and therefore, there is no threat of server breakdowns.  The POS has a battery backup that automatically takes over in case of a power failure, so that your transaction does not get affected.  Every location/ cafeteria will also have a standby POS in case of any malfunctions.

Can I exchange my Meal Card for Vouchers? 
Meal Card can be converted into Meal vouchers at the designated helpdesk in your organisation.

What to do if my Meal Card is lost/stolen/damaged? 
You would be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the Card issued to you. Incase of any eventuality, a new card can be requested at a nominal cost from your helpdesk.

What if there is an issue with the quality of food and beverage? Is there a help desk to address our concerns?  
The affiliate shall be solely responsible for the quality of the food and beverages served to you and you may deal with them directly. However, incase of any other queries or concerns, you may write to us at or call us on 1800 102 2423 (Toll Free) Mon –Fri, 10:00 am – 6.00 pm

For Assistance Call 1800 102 2423 (Toll Free)

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