Gift Pass

Gift Pass

Gift Pass

Now enjoy the freedom to choose your favorite gift from wide assortment of products and services while you save on tax with India’s most admired range of gift voucher. Redeemed in over 11,000 outlets spread across 500 cities.

  • India’s most admired range of gift vouchers
  • Tried, tested and trusted by your peers in over 10,000 companies
  • Gift Pass worth Rs 5000 pa is tax free for employee, as per Income Tax act
  • Unmatched choice and flexibility in choosing your favorite gift from 15,000 outlets in 450 cities for a wide assortment of products and services
  • Affiliate Network includes prominent Jewellery stores, Multi product stores, Electronics, Home Appliances and more, in your region
  • Redemption as per convenience with validity of 1 calendar year
  • Special promotional offers and value deals available throughout the year
  • Assistance available on Toll free Helpline Nos. 1800 22 0151 & 1800 102 2423
  • Convenient ‘on the go’ search option to locate your favorite affiliate outlets with Sodexo mobile app,‘Sodexo Outlet Locator’ 

What is a Gift Pass?
Gift Pass is a prepaid instrument authorized by the Reserve Bank of India that can be used in India only for purchase of gift articles, products and services of a value equivalent to the face value of the Pass

How and where can I use Gift Pass?
Gift Pass can be used to purchase from over 1,000 product categories including Apparels, Footwear, Jewellery, Music, Home Appliances, Travel Packages, etc from over 15,000 Affiliated outlets across 450 cities.

What are the benefits of Gift Pass?
Gift Pass provides you with a wide choice of over 1,000 product categories of various gift articles, products and services to choose from. 
Gift Pass upto Rs 5,000 per year is a tax free perquisite for you.

Are the additional offers run by the affiliates valid on our purchase done with the Gift Pass?
The additional offers run by the Affiliates being extended to you is solely at their discretion. You need to verify their offer and confirm with them before making your purchase.

How can I spot the Sodexo Gift Pass Affiliated Outlets?
Sodexo affiliated outlets display stickers at their entrance/ cash counters. You may also refer to the affiliate directory.

Can the Sodexo Gift Passes be used only by the recipient or can it also be used by his/her family members?
Any person possessing the Gift Pass can use the same in any of the affiliated outlets. Hence, the recipient needs to be careful with his/her Gift Passes to ensure that they do not get in the hands of any unintended user.

What to do if my Gift Pass is lost/stolen/damaged/validity expires?
You would be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the Pass issued to you. In the eventuality of loss of the same, there will be no replacement or compensation. 
However, in case of damage of a voucher, replacement may be possible after proper verification of the damaged vouchers and endorsement by the issuing organization to the satisfaction of the Customer Relation Management team at Sodexo associated with the issuing organization. 

Incase of expiry of unused gift vouchers, kindly have the company that originally ordered the vouchers from us forward the same to us for re-validation. 

Can I exchange my Gift Pass for Cash?
No. Under no circumstances can the Pass be exchanged for cash. Likewise, if the value of Gift articles purchased by you is less than the value of the voucher given to the Affiliate, no cash for the balance amount shall be given by the affiliate to you.

What if there is an issue with the quality of products or services? Is there a help desk to address our concerns? 
The affiliate shall be solely responsible for the quality of the products and services offered to you and you may deal with them directly. However, incase of any other queries or concerns, you may write to us at or call us on 1800 102 2423 (Toll Free)  Mon - Fri, 10:00 am - 06:00 pm 

For Assistance 1800 102 2423/ 1800 22 0151


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