Exclusive Pass

Exclusive Pass

Exclusivity is Priceless!

Sodexo Exclusive Pass is an aspirational product that provides a tailor made special gifting experience. Exclusive Pass empowers the recipient to choose from a network of selected affiliates and brands spread over various categories making the shopping experience delightful.

Make your gifting more special with Exclusive Pass

Premium shopping experience: Our selected network of premium affiliates and brands will make the shopping experience delightful.

Wide Network: Accepted at 2,000 outlets in over 200 cities across India.

Personalization: Exclusive Pass can be customized as per the client’s requirement to make the gifting experience more personalized.

Convenience: Saves trouble of sourcing, warehousing, transportation and distribution of Gift items.

Cost Effective: Exclusive Pass is an ideal combination of premium offerings with attractive pricing which makes it a great proposition.

Tax Benefits: Exclusive Pass is tax-free up to INR 5,000 per year for employees.

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