Cafeteria Pass Card

Cafeteria Pass Card

Cafeteria Card

Cafeteria Pass Card is a smart solution that flawlessly integrates with your existing employee meal benefit plan.

  • Ensures employee motivation through tangible HR benefit
  • Accurate, hassle free and end to end solution that includes System set up, Card issuance, system up keep, Payment settlement
  • Especially designed system to make secured electronic ‘cash-less’ payments to food & beverage vendors servicing cafeterias used by a large workforce
  • Both the Cafeteria Pass Card and the POS enable ‘off-line’ low-value transactions across multiple sites/ city locations where the company has a cafeteria/ food court in the campus
  • The Point of Sale (POS) machine can be programmed with customized solutions as per the policy defined by the company for administering free/ subsidized meals to employees.
  • The company can authorize uploading of any value on the card (for specific individuals or a set of individuals) as per the policy defined from time to time. The value loaded on the card qualifies for income tax exemption.
  • The employees entitlement of the benefit can be loaded cumulatively, if un availed for the previous month/s due to absence or travel and the balance on the card can be carried forward as per the company policy
  • Additional or pro-rata benefit/s as required can be loaded once or multiple times on the card
  • The company can set minimum or maximum usage parameters within the cafeteria/ food court on its premises
  • Value on the Cafeteria Pass Card can be converted to Meal Vouchers for usage at Sodexo affiliated merchants dealing in food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Detailed MIS and reporting as per specific requirement
  • Accurate and timely settlement of payment to affiliated merchants
  • An Industry practice followed by your peers


  • Cafeteria Pass Card is based on a smart card technology usable at Sodexo affiliated merchants within your  campus
  • The process is enabled by issuing ‘Electronic Data Terminals’ to affiliates present in the cafeterias and installing Sodexo ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) machines
  • Each employee is issued with a unique card, which is loaded as per his monthly meal entitlements as and when the client wants to pass on the benefits
  • Employees can use the amount loaded on their card for purchase of meals from the Sodexo affiliated merchants within the campus
  • Sodexo settles the payment with each merchant as per the pre-defined payment cycle
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We are happy with the services of Sodexo, especially with swiping Card.

Sridhar Veerappan, Senior Manager - Payroll EMC Software and Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore